Derby, KS

Our Warranties

Just like our privacy policies, our warranties are simple and appropriate. We will try very hard to make you a satisfied customer.

Accuracy of description

We warrant that every item listed for sale on this website is described as accurately as we possible can. On most used equipment we have photos of the actual item. When it is not possible to show a photo of the actual item we may substitute a photo of another like item but we will include a note that the photo is a substitute. Descriptions of test equipment condition are only listed if the person placing the item on consignment supplies that information.

Equipment that is traded in for resale

We warrant that it has been checked by one of our technicians and has been found to operate as the manufacturer advertised. If the equipment does not operate as advertised, we will disclose to any buyer what deficiency was found; what the estimated repair cost would be, or why we did not repair it.

Equipment that is offered under consignment

We cannot warrant that the equipment operates as advertised by the manufacturer but will check it out on the bench as a courtesy to our customers. If the equipment does not operate as we claim it should and the equipment is returned within 72 hours in the same condition as when it left the store, we will happily refund your money or we will exchange the equipment for other items in the store.