Local Amateur Radio Repeaters Listing

This listing is only for open repeaters that are within a radius of about 100 miles of Wichita. If you are the owner/operator of an ACTIVE repeater that is within this area and is not listed, please contact Mark at the Derby Radio Shack and let him know and we will try to get it included in this list. Also, if you are the owner/operator of one of the listed repeaters that is NOT active, please let us know so we can delete it from the list.

Please note: This is not an exhaustive or fully inclusive list.

Thank you.

Repeater Listing
Frequency PL Location Sponsor Contact
146.9400 -600 {103.5} Wichita Tech-Ni-Chat ARC KCØKCL
146.8500 -600 103.5 Derby WARC  
146.7900 -600   Wichita WARC  
145.2700 -600   Wichita VFW Post 3115  
146.7150 -600 100.0 Mulvane Mulvane ARC NØKTA
146.6700 -600   Hutchinson ERCRC  
147.0300 +600   Salina CKARC  
147.0900 +600   Marion MCARC  
147.105 +600   Haysville KAØRT KAØRT
147.1200 +600   Hutchinson RCKARA  
147.1500 +600   El Dorado Flint Hills ARC  
147.2400 +600   Wellington WAØZFE WAØZFE
147.3300 +600   McPherson McPherson ARC  
443.3250 +5   Wichita VFW Post 3115  
443.5500 +5   Mulvane Mulvane ARC NØKTA
444.0000 +5   Wichita Tech-Ni-Chat ARC  


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