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Our Disclaimers

Why do we need a disclaimer page? does not want to mislead our valued customers with false, misleading, or incorrect information. Unfortunately, sometimes we make mistakes in our typing or in our descriptions of the items we offer for sale. Please be assured that it is never intentional, just human error.

Also, unfortunately, some, thankfully not many, look for inconsistencies and try to take unfair advantage of them. This page is about all of the above concerns.

Therefore, here are our disclaimers:

We do not ship products outside of the continental United States. The reason for this is that the United States export laws are very strict and it is a costly pursuit to keep abreast of all the export restrictions. Also, it is very easy to unknowingly violate one or more of those restrictions and the government is not very understanding when they are told that a mistake was made. We apologize for this but the cost of international shipments is beyond our capabilities. Now, why don't we ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or one of the US territories? Simply put, the cost of shipping is too high and people in those areas can usually obtain the merchandise from other sources and pay considerably less in shipping. Wouldn't you rather spend less?

All products shown are pictures of the actual products when such photos are available. When photos of the actual product are not available, we will use a photo of a like product and will tell you in the description of the product that it is not the actual item photo.

We strive to test all equipment that is brought in for us to sell. Sometimes it is just not possible for us to test some of the equipment. If that concerns you, please feel free to contact us and inquire whether or not we were able to test what you may be interested in purchasing.

We do not at this time offer an on-line store. To purchase items displayed on our site please contact us by e-mail, telephone, or USPS. We hope to soon offer on-line secure purchasing.

Price listing is paid particular attention to but the "poor old webmaster" has been known for the occasional typo. If the price doesn't seem right, please contact us by one of the above listed means.