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Meet the employees of B & H Sales

Most people like to know who they are dealing with when contemplating a significant purchase. So, here is where we introduce the staff, sometimes called employees, of B & H Sales. At the bottom of the page you will find photos of our employees. We are proud to relate that every one of our employees holds an active Amateur Radio License! We also give a short description of the history of the company.

Company History

Many of you will remember the Radio Shack Franchise Store in Wellington, KS, run by Norm Tramba (NIØS), as the only amateur radio equipment source for South-Central Kansas. When Norm decided to retire, he sold his business to Mark Brecheisen (KBØMOF) and Shawn Hadipour (KBØMNY). Mark opened a franchise store in Derby and Shawn operated the Wellington store in a new location across the street from the old. Early on, Mark and Shaun also had a franchise store in Andover, Kansas but that store didn't succeed because a suitable manager could not be found.

To have the amateur radio products closer to the largest number of amateurs in the area, they were moved to the Derby store where that part of the business has remained to this day.

What about Norm? Well, after he retired he worked part-time for Mark and Shawn running the amateur radio section of the store on a part-time basis. You could almost always find Norm there on Saturdays, except during hamfests where he manned the tables for the store. Norm was always happy to advise purchasers on choices of equipment based upon their need and desires. While Norm worked for Mark he trained Mark in amateur radio sales so that when Norm and his wife decided to move to another state, Mark was ready to take over that aspect of the business.

Where or where did the Wellington store go?

In mid 2007, Mark and Shaun decided to close the Wellington store after Sharon (KCØNJK), the store manager, left for other employment opportunities.

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Telephone: 316-788-4225

Our Staff Photos
This is Mark Brecheisen, KBØMOF. Mark, in addition to being a store owner, is the primary sales representative for our amateur radio products. He can advise you what products will most likely meet your needs, what your present equipment is worth for trade-in, and many other aspects of amateur radio equipment. Mark really likes working with customers and he will take the time necessary to help you find what you want, or need, or want to know. Oh, did I mention that he is also extremely knowledgeable concerning Radio Shack™ products! Mark
Shawn, KBØMNY, is the other store owner. Although he is also a licensed amateur radio operator, he is not too active on the ham bands. ( We need to encourage him to correct that dereliction of duty, don't we?) Shawn is learning the ham radio products and will be happy to assist you when Mark is unavailable. He is also very knowledgeable about the Radio Shack ™ product line. Shaun
This is Carl, NØPXJ, our technician. Carl is a part-time worker here as he has a "regular" job elsewhere. He usually shows up after he gets off work from that other job although is frequently here on Saturdays. Carl checks out the equipment that is traded in and does almost all of our repair work. He is a fount of technical information and is happy to assist you with your technical problems in any way he can. Carl