No5E Screwdriver Antennas & Accessories

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This is the N05E 4-inch HF Screwdriver mobile antenna. Note the low profile. This antenna sports the optional top-hat making the antenna functional without a whip. Especially nice where obstacle height is a problem. Without the top-hat, or halo, a four to six foot whip would mount on top of the loading coil. The "spoked" device at the bottom of the antenna is not a part of the antenna, it's just use here to make the antenna stand upright for the photo. Available in four inch and 6 inch coil diameters.


This is the top-hat or "halo" option for the NO5E antenna. This halo works with any of the NO5E antenna designs. It replaces the whip on the top of the antenna. NO5E frequently uses the halo himself with great results.

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